Convergent Sourcing
¡¡ Convergent Sourcing boasts one of the most capable management teams in
the industry. Our management is trained at the finest universities and graduate schools in the world, and possesses field-tested industry experience at leading trading and multinational companies. This gives us a tremendous competitive advantage because we embody the values and goals of professionals looking to source overseas.

    We work directly with a qualified pool of factories that can produce consistently to our customers¡¯ requirements. By avoiding ¡°shell factories¡±, we connect you straight to reliable manufacturers so you can have peace of mind.

    The logistics industry in Asia (China in particular) is growing at a breakneck pace of 35% per year. Consequently many 3P and 4P logistics suppliers are stretched thin in their operations, resulting in many service nightmares. Our management team and founding partners have over 15 years of experience in moving product from factories in Asia to distribution centers in the US. Let us mitigate your risk of a highly turbulent market arena. We can ship door-to-door, break bulk, and expedite customs clearance to facilitate on-time and in-tact delivery so that your customers can see the value proposition beyond the mere price point.

    With information technology flattening the world, more and more companies are looking to arbitrage. The vast majority of these companies promise great pricing and delivery times without any concern for the impacts of their operations on the people who actually assemble the products your customers enjoy. Our staff at Convergent Sourcing personally inspects the factories we work with to ensure safe working conditions and fair treatment to workers. We refuse to do business with factories that have frequent employee rights violations such as workers working with acetone without any eyewear or gloves, large numbers of underage factory workers, or employees working months at a time with no allowed leave.